Pinterest ads: A Trend for 2022

Pinterest ads

Pinterest ads: A trend for 2022 Learn how to use Pinterest ads for your business DO WE TALK? The social network Pinterest emerged in 2010 aimed at visual content with an entertainment objective. The reality is that since its creation until today, as well as most of the social networks, assumed itself as another digital … Ler mais

How to use Linkedin stories in your business?

linkedin stories

How to Use LinkedIn Stories in your Business? We give you 3 ways to incorporate LinkedIn stories into your marketing strategy! DO WE TALK? LinkedIn last month launched LinkedIn Stories worldwide, an opportunity for individuals and company pages to post photos and short videos, available only 24 hours a day, via mobile. Can this feature … Ler mais

Social Ads: How to succeed with social media

ads on social media

Advertising on Social Media with Results how to advertise on facebook ads and instagram ads DO WE TALK? Advertising on Social media is essential in a digital marketing strategy. You need to master these types of ads so that your company/brand develops a strong and consistent presence in the environments where consumers are. Thus, the increase … Ler mais