Musical Marketing: What Makes a Successful Artist?

Music Marketing all the steps to become a successful artist DO WE TALK? There are thousands of articles online that seem to have the magic formula to make you a successful artist, some defend the consistency of posting on social networks, others defend that paid advertising is the most viable way, others even insist that … Ler mais

Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing

Master Facebook Marketing Discover how to master facebook marketing in 7 steps DO WE TALK? Facebook marketing contrary to what many think is not just making posts on the social network, if that were the case, anyone would have thousands of interactions and conversions. It can be called Facebook marketing, the set of factors that … Ler mais

The Benefits of Real Estate Marketing

real estate marketing advantages and tips

THE BENEFITS OF REAL ESTATE MARKETING Real estate marketing tips to leverage your business DO WE TALK? The creation of a real estate marketing strategy can leverage the increase in the number of your customers. Selling a property is not easy, as it requires a large investment on the part of the buyer, in addition … Ler mais