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Advertising on Social media is essential in a digital marketing strategy. You need to master these types of ads so that your company/brand develops a strong and consistent presence in the environments where consumers are. Thus, the increase in conversions and sales is a natural result.

Currently, these are very important channels for the distribution of content and for companies to find their ideal customers in the most diverse virtual spaces. Knowing how to use them properly will help increase your conversions and generate greater returns for your industry.

How important are ads on social media?

Ads on social networks are extremely important for companies, mainly because they allow advertising and marketing to be combined and optimized.

One of the main aspects is the personalization. Networks allow organizations to reach a specific audience, based on data from pages they follow, interests, geographic location, professions, gender, age and other categories.

Thus, the company does not waste time with strategies that do not bring the due return. In fact, speaking of ROI, these types of ads also stand out for presenting a faster return than other strategies.

In this way, the company is able to speak exactly to its audience, with a more effective customer acquisition machine. With lower costs, since investments are organized by impressions or by shares.

In this case, the company only pays if people actually see or react to the ad — the relationship between what is invested and conversion is more advantageous.

In addition, there is the possibility to monitor and accompany the campaigns, in order to gain insights into the audience and the market.

The platforms offer dashboards organized with everything you need to know about your campaign, its reach and its most relevant indicators. With this, it becomes easier to study the mistakes and successes, in order to evolve your strategy.

But after all, what what is Advertising on Social media?

Advertising on social networks through ads that are configured on social networks. Specific and vary depending on the characteristics of each network.

In this sense, they allow companies to buy spaces and advertise their products/services to users. Ads in social medias are the main strategies to generate profit in large companies in this branch.

Advertising on Social Networks works from the fact that networks collect data about users. By using, sharing, reacting and connecting with other people, each consumer in this environment provides a profile about their preferences, habits and needs.

From this, it becomes possible for companies responsible for that virtual space to sell ads to other organizations. That is, as the networks know the users well, it is possible to reach the right people.

Generally, this strategy is a complement to approaches that aim to bring in organic traffic, such as using good SEO practices.

With paid ads on social networks, it is feasible to boost publications to reach an even larger audience, in order to generate value for these people and achieve marketing and sales goals.

The Advertising on Social Media is generally composed of a general objective, a budget, display formats, costs and the period of delivery.

What are ads on social media for?

Advertising on social networks are fundamental to the distribution of content and marketing approaches, as well as other types of advertising.

After your company plans to create a specific content and manages to effectively develop that content, you are likely to reach people with the information they have. That is, content that is valuable and specifically targeted to your audience.

In this sense, these campaigns are crucial to optimize the consumer journey and the sales funnel. Since these ads allow you to have a very high power of personalization, it is possible to speak exactly to customers in the specific stages of acceptance and proximity to purchase in which they are.

Especially when we talk about the phase of attraction, in which people enter your sales funnel. As the reach can be huge, the company can use social ads to talk to this audience in order to sell valuable content and demonstrate authority so that they stay in touch and advance on their journey.

Ads on social networks also work as a form of communication for companies that does not seem so invasive and that reaches the customer at any time.

When users are taking advantage of their free time to see their friends’ posts, they will be able to get in touch with your brand, according to their interests and the likelihood that they will like that content.

Thus, naturally, the company becomes present in the minds and imagination of consumers, in a relaxed atmosphere. That is, something totally different fromthe environments exclusively associated with incisive advertising, already that generate a negative effect on the consumer.

These strategies are great for generating direct engagement on the platform itself, as well as improving approaches in each network.

By advertising on Facebook, for example, your company will be able to optimize results on the still largest social network today, getting a greater connection with people. Then, it is possible to take the first step to start a lasting relationship with customers in these networks.

From an advertisement, the customer can click to learn more or access your page. On the page, he can get in touch with your business through chat, in order to clarify some questions and get closer to the purchase.

All of this represents a great complement to the organic actions that your company already takes.

What types of announcements can you make?

We will now introduce you to the main types of advertising on social networks that exist according to the largest social networks that exist:

Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads ad tool is one of the most complete you can find. Allows you to manage the customization of campaigns, according to interests, age, tastes, gender, among other factors.

facebook ads
The format can be whatever is most convenient for you: images, videos, carousel, instant messages, etc. Payment is made according to the number of clicks, actions or impressions, with the option chosen by you. There is the possibility to follow the results and even carry out A/B tests to experiment.
facebook ad

Instagram Ads

The Instagram ads is a little less complete than Facebook, but is also a great option as the network is constantly growing. You can target by age, region, preference, devices, and more. In addition, it manages to establish different purposes for the campaigns: clicks, conversions, views, purchases, etc.

LinkedIn Ads

On the professional social network, companies can also speak to the public through advertisements. It is possible to define the positioning in a specific way: images that appear on the side, even to links sent directly to users.

Twitter Ads

On Twitter, the ad tool differs slightly from other networks. First, it works on a virtual space auction basis, with automatic bids (amount set by Twitter) and bids given by your company. It is possible to promote specific topics, hashtags, accounts and tweets in order to reach audiences who have the same interests as your customers.

TikTok Ads

TikTok is the newest internet sensation. Companies have realized the power of this network to advertise and communicate with customers in a fun way. Ads are displayed as banners and videos, customized according to the tool’s customization.
tik tok ads companies

How to use advertising in social media effectively?

In this section, we will present you with some tips on how to properly use social media ad platforms. Keep an eye out:

1.Have goals

First, you need to have a clear objective. When starting a campaign on a network, you should already have in mind the purpose of this action, in order to avoid wasting time and errors.

For example, if you’re going to get more engagement, the strategy can already be configured that way. On platforms such as Facebook, the objective option represents the call-to-action that will appear to users.

2.Define your target audience

You need to know your target audience very well. Because, based on your knowledge, you can perform segmentation actions.

As we have seen, the tools offer many options, based on the interests and actions of the users, so it is necessary to know what the characteristics of your consumer are so as not to make mistakes.

To find out the answer to these questions, you can analyze your current customer’s profile and try to mirror a persona for social ads.

3.Get to know the features of the platform

In each action on digital platforms, the ideal is always to consider the limitations and specificities of each network. For example: Instagram is an image-focused network, so it makes no sense to invest in long description texts that overshadow the power of images.

Depending on where the ads will be positioned, it may be better to choose a certain format and prioritize certain features.

LinkedInis a more serious and professional network. Therefore, it requires more formal communication. On the other hand, TikTok is a light and fun network, which calls for a more informal and relaxed approach.

As with your traditional marketing strategies, it is necessary to define the ideal tone of voice for each of these platforms, in order to appear appropriate and accurate in your actions.

4.Track your results

Finally, evaluate always the results. Social media ad campaigns require constant tweaking to ensure the company achieves its goals and is able to convert more customers.

Thus, you will have more return and you will be successful in digital ads!


Advertising on Social Media through ads is an effective form of paid online advertising in the virtual environments users are in.

To be successful using these platforms, you need to learn the purpose of social media advertising and how to properly advertise on each platform. Thus, you will be able to increase conversions and, consequently, your company’s profit with this approach in the digital world.

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