need professional social media management! it is not enough just to be present on social media.

Social Media is an essential tool for companies and brands. In this day and age, it’s not enough just to have a regular presence on there, now more than ever you need an active and content base presence. Our social media management services have several steps adjusted to your company’s goals and the interests of the target audience you want to reach. From the analysis, planning and definition of the social media strategy to the positioning, post scheduling, content sharing and results measurement… there is a lot to do and redo until you reach the top!
But when you get there, you’ll be the first to say it was worth it!
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The first step in developing a social media management strategy is to analyze your current situation, understand what you have done so far, what can be improved and why you are not having the desired results. We make a list to check if your optimization is right: Are your description, bio and links correct? Does the design match the visual identity of your business? We review the content shared on the medias where you are present:  we check if you share optimized content for your audience on each of your social media. We reflect on the possibility of adding or stopping channels to your social media marketing strategy. We analyze the frequency of your posts: It is necessary to keep the flame burning. After all, you are creating relationships with customers and potential customers. In this way, we will analyze how often you post content, the times when you do it and if it is necessary to adjust it. We research your competitors: A competitive analysis allows you to understand who are your competitors. We’ll have a good idea of ​​what’s expected in your industry, which will help set some social media goals. This analysis can also help identify opportunities. After doing this detailed analysis of your social media, we will discover how we can help you achieve your business goals. We consider each project as a unique case and customize our social media management service according to your needs. Only in this way can we ensure that, as our customer, you find exactly the type of service you need!
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It’s time to set goals and objectives. Without goals, we cannot measure success!

After we have analyzed your social media, collected some information from you, and defined your persona, we will move on to the stage where we outline a strategic plan. This is our marketing proposal for the management of your social media.




What is the focus – Increasing sales? Increase interactions or traffic to the site? Increase brand awareness?



Where is your customer? What are his habits and on which social media can he communicate with him.



What content will allow you to achieve your goals? What kind of design are we going to adopt?



We prepare a monthly planning/schedule of posts and special actions to improve your digital performance and achieve your Digital Marketing goals.



We monitor and analyze the performance results of your brand’s social media strategy. In this way, we understand what was successful and what could be adjusted in the strategy.


Need help managing social media?


Choosing the most appropriate social networks for your strategy and your client is essential for success.


Facebook is still the largest platform in the world among social media. Despite its reduced organic reach, its advanced segmentation tools allow you to reach the ideal customer for your business.


60% of Instagram users say they learned more about a product or service through the platform. Our Instagram management services can help you generate more sales.


Linkedin is the ideal platform for B2B business and segmentation by a certain profession. Linkedin has over 575 million users, with over 260 million monthly active users.


In addition to the “Focus of Youtube” video format allowing a better explanation of your product or service, Youtube is also the 2nd largest search engine allowing you to position your products in your customers’ searches.


WhatsApp Business is a powerful channel to efficiently communicate with your customers and grow your business. Did you know that you can have a reach of more than 80% and still create an online store within Whatsapp?


Pinterest is a platform where users are very interested in and look for products and ideas. Find out how Pinterest can help your online store reach next level growth.


Your social media management strategy can be managed by result-focused experts.

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"My goal was to increase the visibility of my brand on social media. Remarketing's social media management allowed me to increase my brand's visibility and make my products known throughout the country. My online sales increased by 130% and digital channels have become an important asset of my company."
Cláudia Santos

We are open to new challenges.

Together, we can start building a solid digital presence with professional social media management!