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The social network Pinterest emerged in 2010 aimed at visual content with an entertainment objective. The reality is that since its creation until today, as well as most of the social networks, assumed itself as another digital marketing tool, being part of the social network strategy of many companies. If there was already some potential on the platform, that only increased with Pinterest Ads, a tool that allows users to create advertising campaigns on the social network And it actually makes perfect sense… With numbers exceeding 450 million active users and 97% of searches performed by personal accounts, there was in fact a great ability to segment and put the numbers in favor of companies Considering all this, not being present on Pinterest is missing an opportunity. In this article we will teach you, in detail, how your presence on Pinterest should be and what is the most efficient way to advertise on this social network.

What is Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest Ads is a tool provided by the platform, which allows companies to increase the reach of their publications. Like social networks like Instagram and Facebook, here you can also segment your campaigns to potential customers according to your product or service
What formats are available in Pinterest Ads?
Pinterest offers five formats for companies to advertise, static, video, shopping, carousel and collections, all with different features, but if there’s one thing you can’t miss, it’s the quality of Image. Because this is a platform with a great visual emphasis, there is a need for your company’s image to be conveyed as clearly as possible, avoid low quality images
  • Static (default)
The first format is the most common on the platform. This ad consists of vertical or square images in a 2:3 ratio, where you can display your products and your brand. Note: Avoid images that do not identify your company correctly. The platform recommends that files be inserted in .png or .jpeg with a maximum size of 10 MB
  • Video
Pinterest’s video format allows users to create storytelling in a matter of seconds. To succeed on Pinterest advertising in this format keep your videos between 6 and 15 seconds with a visually striking cover, on the other hand, on other platforms, on pinterest, videos are viewed without sound so it is essential that the video image is highly flashy so that the videos are watched to the end Also keep in mind that the ideal formats for videos on pinterest ads are .mp4, mov. ou.m4v with a maximum of 2 GB
  • Shopping
This is Pinterest’s digital store format, with the same characteristics as static and video pins, this form of Pinterest is used to sell products. In this way it is possible to turn users looking for content in your target segment into leads
  • Carousel
Pinterest ads carousel consists of displaying multiple images, about 2 to 5 in the same ad, with 1:1 or 2:3 aspect ratios. This is a great way to get your business exposed in a more detailed and crafted way
  • Collections
The last form of Pinterest ads are collections, this format allows you to use a main image and then below it place three images in smaller formats related to the main image. This is the ideal format for those who have separate items and want to advertise them, a car parts store, for example, can put an image with the car and then the parts constituents in smaller images
Pinterest ads

How to advertise with Pinterest ads?

Now that you know the essentials about Pinterest ads and their relevance to businesses, it’s time to create your own ad and start taking advantage of the platform
1. Create a Pinterest Business Account
To take your first step, you need to create a commercial Pinterest account, then enter the Pinterest ads page and click “get started”. To complete this process you will have to fill in a questionnaire with the requested information and click on “create account” In this section, the platform will ask you some questions about your targeting and goals with Pinterest business, you will have to fill in fields such as profile name; place the website if you have it; brand objective; your goals; description of your business, your interest in Pinterest ads… After answering these questions you can register. Now you just have to wait for the Pinterest ads team to contact you!
2. Meet Pinterest ads criteria
Before getting started with Pinterest ads, it’s important to review the platform’s criteria and make sure you’re meeting all of them.
  • You must include a destination URL (external link to the site);
  • Links cannot be shortened ;
  • Do not use copyrighted content;
  • Follow Pinterest platform rules.
  • The pin must be saved on the Pinterest profile as well as in a public folder;
  • Image sizes must be met
3. How Pinterest ads spend their money
Pinterest ads charges in the following ways, either for accumulated expenses for the previous month, or when reaching the limit established by the platform, taking into account the maturity and composition of the campaigns. It may also happen that the charge is made more than once in the same month
4. Tag insertion
The Pinterest ads tag works as a tracker that, by inserting it on your website, allows you to identify users who have visited the site through Pinterest ads. This tool allows you to accurately analyze your results when advertising on Pinterest and whether it is a profitable strategy for your business. This tag contains two codes, the base code and the event code. The base code is the most comprehensive, so it must be placed on all pages while the event code must be implemented on pages targeted for conversion. To get this tag just follow the process:
  1. Pinterest Business
  2. Top menu
  3. Ads
  4. Conversion.
To install the Pinterest tag you still have three options to choose from, whichever suits you best, for a more efficient installation of the tags you can contact the Pinterest help center
5. Planning campaigns
Campaign planning is crucial to success in Pinterest ads, it is essential to know what format to use to be able to target your campaigns properly to your goals. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your Pinterest ad strategy
  • To make your brand reach a wider audience the recommended and static format, carousels and videos
  • to increase the number of clicks on the pin and generate more traffic to the website or online store, the carousel, video and collections format is recommended
  • To stimulate conversions and acquire leads you must use static, rabbit and video formats
  • To display items from a store in the style of a shopping catalog, you must use the collections and shopping formats
6. You can now create your ad on Pinterest ads
Now that you have some platform knowledge you can start your campaigns correctly. Go to the ads section and click on create ad, choose the campaign objective, enter the campaign name and status and set a budget After setting up the initial details you are ready to create your ad groups. Choose an appropriate option for your segmentation, you can segment by keywords, demography and choose a proper positioning, all according to your audience Note: the campaign budget is in line with the previous step, remember to choose a maximum bid (amount you want to pay per single result per action is intended) appropriate to the campaign objectives. In Pinterest Ads the bid can be automatically adjusted by the platform or customized where this adjustment is made by the user. The amount charged is based on the number of results obtained multiplied by the bid. Now that the details are set just insert the images or video and fill in the name, description and destination URL. At the end of this process, just click publish


All of us marketers are aware that our results need to be analyzed. Pinterest ads itself has an analysis section where we can see the performance of campaigns (Ads – reports)

Keep in mind metrics like impressions, pin clicks, cost per action, and CTR, all of which are essential to draw conclusions about ROI. It is also important to bear in mind that the results do not appear overnight, it is necessary to let the campaigns run for at least a week for a more concrete analysis.

If you want to start advertising on Pinterest ads, but are struggling or don’t really know how to do it efficiently, Remarketing has experienced professionals in Pinterest ads able to help you maximize your investment.

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