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Facebook marketing contrary to what many think is not just making posts on the social network, if that were the case, anyone would have thousands of interactions and conversions. It can be called Facebook marketing, the set of factors that when effectively used cause a significant impact on the platform. There are numerous ways to put this concept into practice. Either organically or through Facebook ads, if you can combine the two, so much the better. Also because depending on the new measures applied to Facebook ads, investing in organic is becoming more and more important. “Has Facebook ads become an impossible task?” Not necessarily, but we can certainly admit that it is increasingly difficult to use Facebook ads ! The recent algorithm hasn’t done much in Facebook’s favor either. Decreasing reach and increasing costs, coupled with strict promotion policies, promoted Facebook posts have declined in effectiveness. In current times, the care to advertise has to be redoubled. Any Facebook post that is frowned upon in the eyes of the platform has the ability to close your account and put years of work in the trash. “What Facebook marketing strategies are working in 2020?” Although Facebook ads are pushing marketers away from the platform a little, there is still a set of strategies in addition to the one already mentioned that really work and will help the growth of the business on Facebook!

Use the 70-20-10 rule (enter content calendar here)

Content can be a marketer’s best friend and worst enemy. Content is the most important aspect of Facebook marketing, platforms are so saturated with content that posting is not enough. One of the biggest reasons for failure in Facebook marketing is the lack of creativity and ideas. It’s easy to post, what’s hard is having an impact, that’s where the 70-20-10 strategy helps you! “What is the 70-20-10 strategy?” This strategy comes to subdivide your Facebook posts according to what currently works so that your business has the greatest possible impact. This strategy consists of:
  • Postsoriginals 70% sometimes
facebook marketing
This is a good example of an informative post aimed at helping the audience with a problem, namely Facebook ads.
  • Interact with the audience 20% of the time
With posts like this you can do two things, provide valuable information to your audience, in this case a tool and, at the same time, interact in order to create a closer relationship.
  • Promote services 10% of the time
facebook marketing
Promoting the products/services is important, but it should only be done after the customer has received the due value. Companies that skip every step of the sales funnel and go automatically for the conversion end up never converting anything!

Keep your Facebook posts simple

When it comes to Facebook posts, extravagances and exaggerations are all that’s not needed! To have a quality post, simplicity must always prevail. Images must have the best quality possible, texts must be short and objective, preferably links must be avoided. All these aspects will make your publication attractive, increasing the chances of sharing, commenting and like.

Promote off-platform

Promotion on the platform is undoubtedly the most important factor. However, understand that if you want to get the most out of Facebook marketing it is imperative that you promote outside of Facebook itself. This promotion can be done in several ways, such as:
  • Links on your site to the platform;
  • Make your articles shareable via buttons to the platform;
  • Icons in the fotter of emails for the website;
  • Give a unique value to the platform as exclusive offers and promotions.

Analyze your audience with audience insights

For quality Facebook marketing, regular audience analysis is necessary to be aware of their interests, hobbies, etc. Any extra information you can gather about your audience is good information. However, it is not possible to do it without using any tool. Facebook decided to make our lives a little easier and launched audience insights, this tool allows an analysis based on demographics, sex, age, employment, social status, among others. If you tend to be an indecisive person when create content, the audience insights will serve you a lot!

Invest in videos

Just as on most platforms, video is taking Facebook by storm, Facebook posts are increasingly framed in the format and the reality is that they have more and more impact. It is estimated that on average Facebook users watch around 100 million hours of videos a day and the platform itself has this notion, now giving more prominence to those who choose to post videos. Opting for videos, it is essential to understand that 85% of people watch videos without sound. This means that the video must be subtitled. Furthermore, subtitles increase the video’s watch time by about 12%, so there’s no reason why when you publish a video it doesn’t have subtitles. If you want to further expand your Facebook marketing in the video format, investing in Facebook live has already proved to be very advantageous when it comes to interacting with audiences.

Use CTAs s intelligently

CTA’s are one of the most important elements of a Facebook page, sometimes they go unnoticed, but believe me that when used well they are phenomenally useful. “What are the CTAs s that work?” Obviously, the effective result of the CTA will depend entirely on its aspect, but understand that to click on this CTA there must be an incentive. No one will click just because the button is there or just because you ask for it. For example, the American company Dollar Shave Club uses its CTAs with great quality!
The CTA used “Sign Up” is redirected to an exclusive introductory offer, where for just 5$ there is the possibility to try the product, this just shows the flexibility of Facebook CTAs. Just as the American company offers something unique like its Facebook CTA, so can you. Given the list of CTAs available on Facebook, you can frame an offer that convinces or arouses the interest of your audience to purchase your service/product.

Share your audience’s content

Having original content is key to any Facebook marketing strategy, but sometimes ideas don’t flow the way we want them to. It’s not much of a cause for concern when you can simply go 2 for 1 by sharing content that your audience has identified with. Imagine that you have launched a book and there are people buying it and identifying it with positive comments about your work, why not use these Facebook posts to your advantage. In this way, you are creating content for yourself while interacting, thanking your followers for their recognition and affection.


Despite the algorithm and marketing changes on Facebook, in general the platform continues to be a great ally for business. Mostly the ones that are aimed at middle-aged people. While on Instagram and Twitter it is possible to find a younger audience, Facebook over the years has been detaching a little from these audiences that have moved to other platforms, positioning itself for a more adult audience. See also our article on how to increase followers on Facebook. This article goes like complement to this one so that you become a professional of Facebook marketing.
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