performance marketing campaigns that get results for your company

Performance marketing is an area dedicated to obtaining results and actions on a step of your sales funnel. On our performance marketing service, there are several steps adjusted to your company’s goals, made to reach a larger and more qualified audience. With performance marketing, we develop the various stages of your sales funnel. From lead generation to sales process.
Performance marketing is not just a service. It’s a working methodology.
Performance Agency


This is the first step in designing a performance marketing strategy focused on the customer journey. Providing an experience above expectations.

Analysis of the current situation: Where do your leads come from and what is the process of acquiring new customers.

Customer: Who is your customer, what is he really looking for and what are his expectations. Why buy from you and not the competition.  

Product / Service: What are the real advantages and disadvantages of our product? How are we going to be able to communicate them so that there is a real perception of the customer?

Channels: Identify the best performance marketing channel to communicate with our customers. It is what will allow us to sell.

Communication:  In performance marketing, the way of communication is of high importance. Our performance marketing strategy is extremely focused on developing alternative approaches to sell the same product with a process of creating banners, texts, videos and landing pages to cover multiple options to obtain the desired results.

A/B Testing and Optimization are the basis of our performance marketing process

Analyzing the results of the entire process allows us to reach conclusions with real numbers and adjust the performance marketing process at every step.

Marketing Performance
To obtain results you need intermediate and final goals. Without goals, we cannot improve! All the analyzes we carry out and the conclusions are communicated transparently to each client, so that you can follow the entire process to achieve results through performance marketing.


Choosing the most appropriate social media for your strategy and your client is essential for success.

Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram are advertising platforms that allow you to reach a large number of potential customers. Its advanced segmentation tools allow you to reach the ideal customer for your business.

Google Ads

Google Ads allows you to reach potential customers who are closer to the final stage of purchases. Search advertising on Google Ads is one of the most powerful tools for performance marketing.

Linkedin Ads

Linkedin Ads is the ideal platform for B2B business and segmentation by a certain profession. Linkedin Ads has over 575 million users, with over 260 million monthly active users.

Youtube Ads

Youtube ads are managed by Google Ads. Your video format is a powerful way to give a  better explanation of your product or service. Its segmentation tools are very interesting to achieve results.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a reference platform among users, where they look for products and ideas. Find out how Pinterest can help your online store reach the next level of growth.

Native Ads

Native ads is a powerful channel to efficiently communicate with your customers and grow your business. Did you know that every click can achieve a superior result. 


Your social media management strategy can be managed by results-focused experts.


"With Remarketing I was able to start receiving quote requests daily, which helped me with my company's sales growth. I recommend performance marketing services! The results are real."
Luís Cunha
We are open to new challenges. Together we will sell more with performance marketing!