How to Use LinkedIn Stories in your Business?

We give you 3 ways to incorporate LinkedIn stories into your marketing strategy!

LinkedIn last month launched LinkedIn Stories worldwide, an opportunity for individuals and company pages to post photos and short videos, available only 24 hours a day, via mobile.

Can this feature bring some of Instagram’s glam to the professional platform?

LinkedIn Stories is a fast and engaging way to share updates or the daily lives of professionals. But unlike Instagram or Facebook, users can just add text overlays, mention accounts, and add a variety of stickers to your stories:
linkedIn stories
Once published, stories appear in touchable bubbles at the top of the user’s LinkedIn feed, on mobile only. When tapped, they are displayed in full screen format. Users also have the possibility to send a story by private message, which facilitates quick and casual conversations on the platform.

What changes for companies with LinkedIn stories?

LinkedIn Stories has come to show us how far social networks and how much they have evolved since Facebook changed, in 2006, the appearance of the feed. Stories are the new thing, users prefer “share the moment” rather than committing to having to post to feed daily. A trend we’ve seen happening on Instagram in recent years, with people posting less and less in their feeds. To back up this data, a recent study that Fohr and Later did found that influencers are now sharing less content in their feed and more in stories.
linkedin stories

So, but what does this mean for companies?

Simply put, this feature will give you a new and temporary way to share information with your audience professionally. And while having another channel to tackle may seem difficult, there are many ways to turn that difficulty into a new creative opportunity to support your business goals. Ready to take your Instagram Stories designs to the next level? Find out how to create LinkedIn stories that captivate your audience!

3 ways to incorporate LinkedIn stories into your marketing strategy

Much like Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories offers a great opportunity to create a stronger, more personal dialogue with your audience. But before jumping into a new LinkedIn Stories content strategy, it’s worth considering who you want to communicate with and why you want to grab that audience’s attention. Understanding the audience you are communicating with, what their interests are and what goals you want to achieve will help you craft a content strategy and keep you on the right path to success! So with that in mind, here are 3 ways your business can make the most of LinkedIn Stories:
1.Show your BackOffice
Use LinkedIn Stories to showcase what makes your company shine – your employees. Ask your employees for photos or videos to share on the company’s LinkedIn page, LinkedIn Stories is the perfect place to share your company’s culture! Here you can also share little tricks/tips and funny moments from your workplace. One topic that is in the spotlight in 2020 is, of course, your vision of what it’s like to work from home, so take this moment to share.
2.Celebrate Your Successes and Share Testimonials
Companies already shared their successes on social media, and if there’s a platform designed for that, it’s LinkedIn. When it comes to stories, always remember that they only last for 24 hours (although you can save and reuse them at another time or on another platform). This way, you can use LinkedIn stories to add something extra to your sharing, like stickers/emojis, photos and videos from award nights, conferences, and even sharing your customer testimonials.
3.Share Your Experience
Everything that is informative/educational content has a lot of engagement on LinkedIn, much more than on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Were this not a professional social network. These sharing of informative and educational content is called “innovative leadership”, especially when it comes to people who have years and years of experience and decide to share it with their connections. Share practical tips on interesting topics within your field and use LinkedIn Stories to share that knowledge in a visual format.

EXTRA TIP: LinkedIn’s Question of the Day Feature

Here’s something unique about the Stories version of LinkedIn – the platform has launched a feature called “Question of the Day” where you can answer a question asked by the LinkedIn team. If you’re looking for quick ideas on what kind of content to make, LinkedIn has the solution! However, please note that this feature is not yet available in all countries, so you may not be able to see this option yet.
linkedin stories

Important Metrics in LinkedIn Stories

If you are using LinkedIn Stories in your business, you should monitor your performance metrics to ensure your organization is worth your investment. You can use Insights on the LinkedIn platform to check each story manually. Currently, LinkedInoffers only one metric: Reach. This is the total number of (unique) people who viewed your story. You can also see viewers’ name, title and current company if they allow it in their privacy settings. While you can currently share and send messages through Stories, LinkedInconnects this directly to your private messages and therefore these metrics are not possible to follow. However, we hope that as LinkedIn stories become more “famous”, users start to have more transparent metrics, and then, it starts to be even more valuable to companies seeking knowledge about the ROI of the platform.

When you’re about to post on LinkedIn, ask yourself: is this post going to feed or is it a story time?

According to LinkedIn, “more than 2 million posts, videos and articles pass through the LinkedIn feed every day, which generates tens of millions of shares and reactions.” Stories are a place to share content in a lighter and more fun way.
  • Share images or videos for up to 20 seconds;
  • Add stickers and text overlays;
  • Mention people by tagging them;
  • Publish up to 100 per day maximum!
Of course it won’t publish 100, but it can create a series of images or videos that connect. The stories only last 24 hours, but you can save them as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, and publish them again later or even take the opportunity to share them in another network.


We hope you found this LinkedIn stories guide for businesses helpful! We will update it as more information and resources become available, so stay tuned! Whether you’re sharing job opportunities or launching a new product, capitalizing on this new feature to reach more audience is definitely a good fit for your Social Network Management strategy! Have you started using Linkedin Stories to promote your business? Do you need a specialized team that is always on top of the latest trends?
Ask for your quote now and let us help you succeed through social media!
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