9 Tips on how to sell via WhatsApp

9 tips for small businesses on how to sell via WhatsApp, increase your sales and build relationships with your customers.

We know that the current situation continues to be challenging for small businesses. To face the new reality, it is necessary to pay MORE ATTENTION to your online presence and the way you communicate with your customers! WhatsApp is a tool that allows you to communicate and sell in an easier and more practical way with your audience.

How to sell via WhatsApp?

As you will see below, using WhatsApp for business (WhatsApp Business) is not just a way to increase sales and interact with the public. It is also a tool to attract new customers! It works until even if you want to open a business and are in doubt whether the idea is really valid or not. After all, the app facilitates contacts and even market research! But since everything requires choosing the right strategy, here are some tips that will help you know how to sell on WhatsApp every day, even if you have a small business!

9 Tips on How to Sell on WhatsApp for Small Business

1.Use broadcast lists, not groups

Using broadcast lists, it is possible to send a single message to up to 256 different contacts. In terms of interaction, it gives the feeling of a one-to-one conversation and not that awkwardness that is usual in WhatsApp groups. However, it is important to use common sense not to force the client into the broadcast lists.
Remember that sales need to happen naturally and without “forcing” the person to buy your products or services. Extra tip: create more than one broadcast list according to your sales-funnel.

2.Offer relevant content

With the broadcast list created, a good tip is to offer valuable content to prospects and customers to start building a relationship. Be it audio, text, video or even a summary of the latest posts on your blog, for example. Of course, it will always depend on your type of business, but put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think of relevant content to offer them. Relevant content is content that generates interest to your audience! Therefore, always try to offer what he wants to receive. And be sure to ask for feedback, in order to understand what can be improved. However, things didn’t go as planned and the client asked to be removed from the list? So make sure you remove it correctly and notify you of this removal.

3.Use WhatsApp Web

In order to better manage your contacts, you can use WhatsApp from your computer.
how to sell with whatsapp
Just access Web WhatsApp and read the QR Code for the website on your mobile phone and you’re done: you now have access to your account on your computer.

4.Share your WhatsApp company number

Share your WhatsApp company number, whether on a business card, handwritten paper or through your social-networks . When it’s done in person, try asking them to say “Hello”. From the moment the customer has the option to add his number or not, the decision is in his hands. This customer will certainly feel more confidence to interact with your business – which can reduce the dissatisfaction rate and also the blocks.

5. Use WhatsApp to support your customers

More and more customers do not have the availability or desire to call a company as they often take a long time to answer their calls. Or they just don’t answer. In this way, they prefer to have a place where they can send a message and get a quick response. Enjoy the advantages that this App gives you: voice messages, uploading photos and documents. Answer all your customers’ doubts and solve their problems; demonstrate agility, empathy and professionalism!

6. Organize your client list

To avoid losing a customer, who doesn’t remember the name or history among so many others, rename the contacts according to the relationship stage in which they are. Thus, any confusion or problem that may exist is reduced. You can even group customers you sell to most often, for example. The better you can make your job easier and avoid leaving a customer waiting for a response, the better! Speed ​​is one of the keys to your success in WhatsApp sales. Extra Tip: Always ask for customer authorization to add their contact to your list. You can, for example, start by sending you a first welcome message, and at the end of the message it gives you the option if you want to receive more messages from your business or not. At the same time that you present your business to them, you are giving them the option, without any problem, of not having to receive more messages about it.

7. Create a message schedule

From what you’ve already realized, selling via WhatsApp involves having to deal with a large list of customers and/or potential customers. Even for a small business that doesn’t have many contacts, it is essential to organize them in the best way. This is because there will be some of your audience who have just discovered your company, others have heard about it by recommendation and those who are already loyal/loyal customers to your business. Considering that each person fits a certain stage of the sales funnel, the approach must always be personalized. That is, the ideal would be not to send the same message to all contacts. That’s why it’s important to have a message schedule already planned in advance, as it will help you understand when to send certain content and to whom. Think of this schedule as a plan to predict when and how to approach each customer, according to the phase/stage in which you advance in the sales funnel.

8. Use a business number to demonstrate professionalism

Remember to always use a business number to talk to your customers. Make an account on WhatsApp Business (app primarily intended for business via WhatsApp, which we talked about initially in this article) with that same number. Having a number dedicated solely to your business (as distinct from your personal) not only makes you more professional, but also makes it easier separate your personal from your professional life and determine schedules specific commercials. That is, in the App you can determine what times it is available for o customer service public online, and inform you that the number only serves to sell/promote your business via WhatsApp and not to receive calls.

9.Avoid Spam

Spam doesn’t just exist when talking about emails, it can also exist spam via WhatsApp. Now that you know several techniques to be able to sell more through the App, even having a small business. All that’s left to do is warn him and be careful not to spam. That is, messages/content unwanted by customers. Use the App to communicate relevant information, avoid sending messages that have nothing to do with your business or your services/products.

Remarketing Team Tip: Take advantage of WhatsApp Status

– It is the same as the Stories you can find on social networks like Facebook, < a href="">Instagram and LinkedIn, allows you to make publications that last just 24 hours. On WhatsApp it’s called Status. – This can be an interesting space to share outstanding information with your network of contacts. For example, a promotion or offer. But don’t forget, these posts will only be available for 24 hours, after that they disappear and no one else can see them.


Did you notice that there are no shortage of tips on how to sell via WhatsApp? In addition to the ones we’ve just shown you, there are still many more. What matters is that you choose the most appropriate practices for your business and the current situation. When used with care, caution and effectiveness, WhatsApp can become a great ally for your company! The more you study your audience and delve into what their preferences and needs , you can better direct your sales through the app! Need help from a team specialized in different business areas? Don’t waste any more time!
Ask for your quote now and let us help you succeed through WhatsApp!
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