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The Digital contact, increasingly present in the lives of all of us, has brought a growing need for differentiation and affirmation. If in the past this phenomenon did not happen, today, form takes precedence over content. This of course, in a first contact. Given that competition is increasing, it is imperative that brands stand out. The first step towards success is to cause curiosity and impact. Therefore, having a brand with a good visual identity is essential. The secret to success comes when a good marketing, communication and design strategy are interconnected, enhancing the brand’s characteristics, taking it to new heights. Design is therefore central as it represents the brand’s identity, but more than that, it expresses its concept and values, portraying them through visual elements. There are still many brands that devalue the importance of communication design, ending up opting for improvised solutions. It turns out that most of the time, these solutions end up conveying a sense of amateurism and little credibility, negatively impacting the perception of potential customers.

Essential points in good communication of your brand

Competitiveness is increasing. The number of new brands and businesses offering the same products and/or services continues to increase. It is therefore crucial that brands are able to find differentiating factors that make them stand out from the others, drawing the attention of potential customers to their products and/or services. Good design is an essential point and it will help you immensely in asserting your brand. 



The logo is the symbol of your brand. That’s why the first thing that will make you stand out from others. And the first thing that identifies her. Logo design works like transferring your brand personality to a visual image, through its colors, shapes and typographic fonts. Therefore, to support a good logo, there must be a solid and well-developed concept at its base. The concept must represent the brand’s values, and meet its objectives, always taking into account its target audience. The objective is to be able to identify your brand and characterize it with the appropriate personality through which it will communicate. The logo is therefore the basis of all communication planning. 



After the logo is created, it is important to standardize the institutional materials of your brand. The cohesion of all these elements will make your brand’s offline communication well-planned, well-structured and professional. From business cards to flyers and posters, the most important thing is that all these elements exude and reflect the same personality and visual language.



Nowadays it is imperative to be present on the internet. Especially because when we want to clarify a doubt or know some information, this is the first place we go. If it’s not on the internet, it’s either because it didn’t happen or because it doesn’t exist. Therefore, having an institutional website is very important, as it will work as your virtual business card, but much more complete and with a greater reach. The image and design of your website must be in line with the brand’s communication, in order to be uniform and easily recognized both in the physical and online world.



Social media is an excellent way to promote your brand. They are essential to obtain greater recognition and visibility. Depending on your target audience, you should define which social networks it makes sense for your brand to be present on. After that, you must continuously communicate with your audience, offering and sharing subjects related to your brand, as well as topics relevant to the business area in which your brand is inserted. You should always keep your communication in line with your brand image, using design professionals to create this content.


Oh and don’t be afraid to change! Often, what the brand needs is just a Rebranding. An update of your image. It is in this aspect that the difference between a recognized brand and an unknown brand like so many others lies.

At REMARKETING we have a team of professionals in the field of design, social networks and SEO always ready to help you get the most out of your design, maintaining coherence in communication and creating the best possible experience for your customers.


The purpose of branding is to awaken sensations and create connections that will be crucial for the customer to choose your brand and not any other. Your brand personality is built in the consumer’s mind through all the elements that make it up. From the design, to the type of speech, to the values ​​presented, etc. All of this, in addition to arousing various sensations in your audience, also contributes to adding value to your brand. When a brand manages to create a connection with consumers, through its “mission”, price perception can change. 67% of people say they are willing to buy a product from a brand they create an emotional connection with, even if the product or service is more expensive. Having a brand with a strong personality and mission, creating a connection with people and with their stories and experiences is the key for your customers to trust your brand and recommend it to others.


Web Design is an area that develops digital interfaces, such as website layout for the web.

Almost everyone has been tempted to abandon a website because of its layout, structuring or design. Not to mention sites that take a long time to load, or those that aren’t mobile-friendly.

A bad experience contributes to a considerable drop in conversions. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary that you have a quality website.

Websites can be developed using the language written in HTML and CSS, but it can also be developed through WordPress (option used by most brands nowadays).


Responsiveness: : It is essential that your website is adapted to all types of screens

Short sentences For good readability

Typography: With good readability

Charging speed: Less than 3 seconds


-Makes a good first impression on the consumer

-SEO improvement

-Competitive advantages

-A greater revenue generation

-Increase in recommendation marketing (word of mouth)

-Faster and more convenient access to your business

Being present in digital with a quality design brings numerous benefits to your brand! Don’t miss out on conversion opportunities by not being online!

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