Real estate marketing tips to leverage your business

The creation of a real estate marketing strategy can leverage the increase in the number of your customers. Selling a property is not easy, as it requires a large investment on the part of the buyer, in addition to requiring some consideration, since it is an investment and will have a great impact on the customer’s life. For that reason, the customer needs to trust the seller. And this is where real estate marketing comes into action, as it can help you build credibility and reliability, strengthening your image with your customers. In this article we will give you a set of tips to help you sell more! advantages of real estate marketing

But what is real estate marketing anyway?

The set of online and offline strategies, used and applied in the promotion of a real estate company, whose objective is to attract sales leads and increase the number of clients, is called real estate marketing. Here, we will especially focus on real estate marketing in the digital world, since the first thing a customer will do when they decide to look for a home is an internet search. The more real estate companies take advantage of the digital potential, the greater the possibility of being able to close deals with clients. 50% of people discover new products or brands from searches on Google. And when people search for a product, about 90% still haven’t made any decision. Therefore, if your real estate company is digitally present, it will capture more attention from those looking for a property. In real estate marketing, strategies have to be designed according to the characteristics of the market. In addition, it is necessary to convey a good image, as no one will buy any property if the company does not demonstrate trust and credibility. It is for this reason that it is very important to invest in customer relationships. Which is, in fact, the most important point in a marketing strategy.

5 benefits of real estate marketing

1 | Improve customer relationships

One of the main advantages of investing in real estate marketing is the fact that you can create a relationship with customers, in this way you will become a reference and thus offer a better experience. In addition, and since the real estate industry revolves around big decisions, contact with the public is essential for your customers to have confidence in your company.

2 | Increases recognition possibilities

Real estate marketing will help to publicize your properties and services, and will contribute to strengthening ties with your customers while your company builds an image of reference in the area. In addition, when you regularly publish on your social networks, or insert new articles on your website, it will remain in the public’s memory. And so, old customers, or even those who only follow your pages, can indicate your company name to a friend or acquaintance who is looking for a property.

3 | Makes measurement of results possible

It will only be possible to improve your strategy if the work done later is critically evaluated. Real estate marketing makes it possible for results to be measured through performance indicators. In this way, you can make more assertive decisions when planning the strategy for your real estate company.

4 | Strengthen the power of your brand

The higher the quality and relevance of the content you publish, the more value you will add to your brand and, consequently, the more people will be interested. This will make your company a trusted reference in the real estate industry. In this way, your customer will be more secure and will place greater trust in your company, being able to proceed more comfortably with the purchase.

5 | Will speed up the sales process

The process of buying a property is usually much longer than any other type of purchase, this is because the sale of houses is a big investment, which entails a series of considerations, dreams and emotions. But when you invest in marketing, betting on valuable content, which provide solutions to customer needs and realize what they are looking for, the trend is for the process to be faster.

How does real estate marketing work?

Let’s start by identifying the 3 biggest difficulties of real estate marketing:
1 | Strong competition
The real estate market is very competitive, as it places many companies competing for the same consumer. Therefore, and to stand out from the competition, you must invest in building a strong image of the company and in customer relationships.
2 | High investment
As the purchase of a property is always a large investment, the consumer deliberates a lot before reaching a final decision. Therefore, the client will ensure that the company in question has credibility. You will extensively research all market options and good investment guarantees. Which will prolong the purchase process.
3 | Home, a lifetime goal
It is important to remember that when selling a property, you are not only dealing with the client’s money, but with a large investment, emotions and a great life goal. If you don’t know how to manage the relationship with the customer, taking into account the emotional part, it will be very difficult for you to sell the property.
Now we will give you some tips to optimize your real estate marketing.

9 steps to optimize real estate marketing

1 | You need to have a website ready to convert
It is crucial that you have a website that can convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. Therefore, your website must be organized in a way that allows simple and intuitive navigation. It is also essential that your website is responsive, adapting to any type of screen. Also pay attention to the loading speed of your website. 53% of visitors abandon the site if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
2 | Use the inbound method
Inbound marketing consists of a set of marketing strategies that aim to attract the consumer to the company, through the use of relevant and valuable content. Contrary to traditional advertising, in which the brand goes to the customer, when we talk about inbound, it is the customer who goes to the brand, through channels such as their social networks or articles on the company’s website. That’s why it’s important to invest in this type of content, as it will get you new visitors who will consequently become sales leads and maybe later, customers.
3 | Produce Content
When creating content, you must take into account the needs of your audience. Generally, whoever is going to buy a property always has many doubts and insecurities. Then comes the perfect opportunity to offer valuable content, thus being able to explore investment tips, articles on options between buying or renting, how to choose the best location, etc. You should also bet on content that differs in format, articles, videos, e-books, podcasts, etc.
4 | Be present on social media
Social networks are ideal places to interact and relate to your audience. That’s why it’s essential to be active on your networks. Publish regularly, link to the content of your articles, and engage with your audience as much as possible.
5 | Put yourself in your audience’s shoes
When you put yourself in your audience’s shoes, the odds of having a relevant idea for real estate marketing grow considerably. You need to think about the needs of those looking for a property, from there, focus on the solution you can deliver to fill these gaps.
6 | Recommendations
Nothing is more effective than recommendations made by your family, friends or trusted people. You can create a referral program, in which you can offer some type of discount or other benefit to customers who recommend your company to other people. In this way, in addition to attracting potential customers, your company also benefits from the credibility factor. If a person you trust recommended your company, it is because your company is trustworthy.
7 | Analyze Results
It is extremely important to analyze the results obtained, in order to perceive whether or not they were satisfactory. Depending on the results, you can build a more assertive strategy and correct mistakes previously made.
8 | Re-evaluate your strategy
In line with the previous point, it is very important that you periodically review your strategy and find new ways to optimize it, so that you get better and better results.
9 | Make content optimized for SEO
In order for your website to have the best possible positioning on Google, and thus gain the desired attention and audience, it is extremely important that your website is optimized for SEO.


It is imperative that real estate agencies have an online presence, as the internet will be the first site where interested buyers will look for properties. The bigger and more relevant your company’s presence in digital is, the more credibility it will have in the real world. Credibility will bring more interested buyers and increase your sales. That’s why real estate marketing is so important, it establishes trust, builds a reference brand and an image of quality. If you need extra help, Remarketing has a team of professionals who are always willing and available!
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