Tips to sell more with facebook and instagram for your e-commerce.

Websites are constantly changing their algorithms to customize what users see in their feeds. As a company, your target audience is less likely to see your organic content on social media today than ever before. It becomes essential to pay to be seen! So if you want to use Facebook to boost your e-commerce sales, you should consider Facebook Ads. That means you will have to pay for ads. But you should invest your money in ads that will bring you conversions! Facebook ads are good not only for getting targeted traffic to your website but also for directing your potential customers through the various stages of the buying process.

Here are some essential and simple tips you can implement to boost your sales:

facebook ads for e-commerce

1 | Use amazing images in your ads

Make sure you always use high quality images in your ads. You must choose images that meet the following requirements:
  • Photos should be vibrant, full of color and visually appealing.
  • Avoid images with the same colors as Facebook (blue and white) because they can merge with the design of the pages.
  • Try to incorporate images of happy people. It will be even better if they are showing or using your product.
  • Typically, photos of women perform better than photos of men.
  • Make sure you choose an image that is the right size for the type of ad you’ve selected.
Remember that people tend to scroll through their Facebook feed quickly. So you need an image that stands out among all the others. Facebook allows you to place text in your ad images. However, the text cannot occupy more than 20% of the total area. Another tip: Showing images of happy people in your ads can help create an emotional connection, which increases the likelihood that they will click on your ads. Try using real images or real people (if they’re “attractive” it’s even better) as they tend to get more clicks.

2 | Use the interests field to reach your followers

People normally use Facebook to socialize and not to shop. That means it’s important to get your product in front of your target audience so you can get results. If you’re reaching the wrong audience (the audience that is only moderately receptive to your product) it will be much harder to drive conversions consistently. If you’re selling a niche product, try the “Interests” field on facebook, as it’s crucial to getting good results. Once you’ve entered an interest, you’ll see categories and pages relevant to that audience. If you choose a very broad interest, the categories and pages that appear will not be linked to your target audience. By combining several specific interests, you will be able to create an audience of very loyal fans. Make sure you are as specific as possible. It’s tempting to try to reach a wider audience, but it doesn’t work. If you try to please everyone, you will please no one. The reach on Facebook is huge so don’t worry about limiting it as much as you can. Reducing your target audience will increase your chances of conversions.

3 | Create a custom audience for anyone who has already visited your product page

Few people will buy your product the first time they come to your site. Data suggests that 98% of your website visitors don’t buy during their first visit. Even if you create a highly persuasive Facebook ad and reach the perfect audience, there could be a million reasons why people don’t buy on their first visit. Which doesn’t hurt, considering that when someone visits your product page, they know that that person has some interest in your product. Creating a custom audience just for people who have visited your product page can help turn those visitors into buyers. When creating this custom audience, exclude people who are already customers. Your target audience will only be people who have seen your product but have not yet made a purchase. Then you can make a personalized ad, targeting only those people. If your ad offers a small discount for a limited time, that’s even better, as this incentive can significantly boost conversion rates.

4 | Cart abandonment

To elevate your strategy, you can also customize the audience that, in addition to visiting your product page, adds it to the cart, ending up abandoning it before completing the purchase. But why should you care about the audience that abandoned products from your cart? Almost 70% of visitors who add a product to their cart abandon it before completing the purchase. That’s a huge percentage of potential sales! These people were thinking about buying your product. People who abandon their carts may only need a small incentive to complete their order. You can create a small ad asking if they forgot to buy your product. Be sure to design the ad to include a product image and link it to the product so they can easily complete their order. Remember that someone who abandoned their cart yesterday will be easier to convert than someone who abandoned their cart weeks ago. If you want to reach people who abandoned their cart longer ago, you’ll need to offer bigger discounts to re-engage them.

5 | Upsell to your current customers

Upsell is the name given to the sales strategy whose function is to improve the buyer’s experience by increasing company sales. Many companies segment their emails to try to sell additional products to their customers. But did you know that the same principle works for Facebook advertising? Upselling is an easy way to increase your sales by reaching people you already know are interested in your product. It is more likely that someone who has already purchased a product or service from you will trust you and your brand. So this is an easier sale than a sale to a new customer. Since 65% of a company’s sales profits come from existing customers. This way you can increase sales and get a great return on your ad spend by making upsell ads.

6 | Build referral programs (use Referral Marketing strategy)

Referral marketing is the name given to the strategy that turns every happy consumer into an unofficial seller. So Facebook ads can encourage customers to make repeat purchases, but they can also encourage customers to convert their friends into customers. All you need to do is use Facebook ads to promote referral programs. You can offer your existing customers a discount in exchange for a referral or review of your product. Video analytics work very well. That’s why Facebook ads are a great way to turn customers into brand advocates.

7 | Promote your content

When done right, content marketing and Facebook ads can be a powerful combination. You must create content for each stage of the sales phase. Then you can promote it to the right audience (taking into account the stage they are in) using Facebook ads. It should always have different content, correctly targeting people at each stage. Trying to target different content to different customers is much easier with Facebook Ads. Using these ads can also help ensure that as people move through the various stages of purchase, your message changes to encourage them to reach the final stage. Remember that the more people interact with your brand, the more likely they are to convert. facebook_ads_e-commerce_conteudo_promocao_call_to_action

8 | Create and Reach a Lookalike Audience

If you already have a customer list of at least several hundred people, you can build a lookalike audience on Facebook. This is, therefore, a group of people who look like your current or previous buyers. The longer and more detailed your customer list, the better. If you already have repeat customers and brand advocates, be sure to include them in the list you use to build your lookalike audience. Why is a lookalike audience so important? This audience is a group of people that Facebook believes are similar to its customers. That means there’s a good chance they too will like your brand and product. If your content is successful with your customers, it will likely work with your lookalike audience as well. Knowing this allows you to customize your content for them. Considering that customizing your campaigns leads to an 89% increase in conversion rates on social media, you should always do so.

9 | Organize a contest

Facebook contests are a great way to drive sales, as people love to win stuff. Putting a certain amount of money into the prize can boost people. You will probably always win, even if people participate and don’t win the contest, the image may have been enough to drive them to want your product. Just make sure you follow the Facebook contest rules so you don’t get banned by the platform

10 | Create an offer

Offers are another opportunity to increase your sales using Facebook. While not free, they are still a good way to offer a limited-time discount or incentive to your followers and customers. Offers are important because people will need to access your online sales site in order to claim it. And if your audience visits your website, they are more likely to buy your products. You can make an offer directly from your page editor (where you usually post status updates) Click on “Offer, Event+” then click on “Offer”. A window will open with several options. On the left side will be a simulation of your offer. Configuration options are on the right. Just add the title you want, choose a captivating photo, and decide the start and end dates. Make sure your offer includes all Terms and Conditions. Then click “Create Offer” and you’re done! The only problem is that you will need to choose to promote the offer in order to select a target audience. Otherwise, the offer will only be published in your feed.

11 | Offer discounts or coupons directly to your Facebook followers

Facebook has an application that you can use to offer discount coupons. This application gives you the possibility to offer your Facebook followers an exclusive discount. It could be a percentage discount or even a free product. There are several benefits to using this technique:
  • As with any promotional sale, it can help drive traffic and conversions.
  • An exclusive offer for Facebook fans only, encourages more people to follow your page (creating more leads).
  • Its unique nature can also build loyalty as it rewards people who follow you on Facebook.

12 | Create a product gallery on Facebook

You can use Facebook to show your products directly to your target audience. To do this, simply create a product gallery. This type of gallery allows you to display photos, prices and purchase buttons for each product you want to promote. Giving your audience the ability to click the “buy now” button without ever having to leave Facebook can help you get impulse buys. If you have a Shopify store, you can easily integrate it with your Facebook product gallery.

13 | Use engaging and captivating text in your ads

The aim is to engage your target audience whenever you write something. In a Facebook ad, it’s even more important that you capture your customers’ attention with the first few words. There’s a lot going on on Facebook, so if you can’t grab people’s attention right away, they’ll keep scrolling through the news feed. Your copy and image should tell a story that captures the attention of your ideal customer. One way to do this is by adding emojis. People are always using emojis as a way to evoke emotions while writing. But don’t write something too elaborate! Be brief and to the point.

14 | Use words that trigger clicks

You need to make sure your ads have words and phrases that grab attention. But don’t use clickbaits. Make sure your title is related to your content. Capture your audience’s attention with strong, powerful words. Try to incorporate a sense of urgency as we are highly susceptible to this. If you know that your potential customer is interested in your product, you should direct them to a purchase. Use phrases like:
  • For a limited time
  • Hurry up
  • Buy Now
  • Don’t miss it
  • Offer is expiring
  • Balances
  • Offer today only
  • Last chance

15 | Create Facebook Ads that encourage email sign-ups

You can use Facebook to attract people to your newsletters. Offer something of value to your audience by using a Facebook lead generation ad that motivates them to sign up to your email list. Whether it’s a free trial, a free product, or a free app, the goal is to get the email address. Once people are on your list and have a positive opinion of your brand, you can send them newsletters and promotions, which increases the chances of conversion.

16 | Create a carousel

Everyone loves slideshows! Ads that feature multiple products are ideal for keeping visitors curious. Facebook offers the “Carousel Format” ad, which allows you to display up to 5 images and/or videos with headlines, links or phrases directly in a single ad unit.

17 | Create Video Ads

You can create a video and post it on Facebook. Then you can use Facebook ads to increase your video’s reach. Many companies cannot afford to create great quality videos from scratch. So if you can create an accessible video and promote it on Facebook, you’ll have an edge over your competitors. Remember that the ideal length of a video on Facebook is between four and four and a half minutes.

18 | Start including live videos in your Facebook ads

Facebook Live Videos is a simple way to record and share videos in real time. Facebook will send an invite to your followers to watch your video. This means that everyone watching your video can like and share it while it’s still streaming. When finished recording, it automatically becomes a video that will be visible on your Facebook profile. If you have a YouTube channel, you can also cross-promote by uploading newly created videos there.

19 | Embed a “call to action” button

People tend to respond favorably to Call To Action buttons. Facebook offers different phrases that you can embed in an ad. Make sure you choose one that is relevant to your brand, product or campaign. call_to_action_facebook_as_e-commerce
The ideal ad varies depending on the company, the customer and the purpose of your business. If you follow these tips tailored to your business, you can expect an increase in sales. Remember you have to be flexible.

Try it out and see what works best for you and your brand!

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