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Launched in 2000, Google Ads is the ad platform of Google that since then leads the online advertising market. This platform allows users to create Display and Search ads on Play Store on Youtube and in the Gmail

There is a high possibility that you have already done a google search and coincidentally found some links highlighted in the search results. Just as you must have entered a site and found ads in banner ads anywhere on the page or even YouTube ads before or during videos.

All these ads are very different from each other, however they are related by the platform they are created, Google AdWords.


What is Google AdvertisingAds?

The advertising platform on Google is second only to facebook, has had tremendous growth in terms of revenue from its birth year to the present day.

We can summarize google as an advertising service, where companies or individuals pay to be featured on the platform. What differentiates AdWords from other platforms is its segmentation, here it’s not just exposure that matters, it is exposure to an audience with a high probability of conversion.

For example, for a fur coat brand it is far more interesting to just be featured for people with an interest in fur coats, rather than people with an interest in all types of coats. Regardless of being featured to fewer people, with segmentation the chances of conversion are much higher, while saving money.

Is exactly what Google AdWords does, based on cookies and keywords the advertiser can decide to who wants to advertise and how they want to advertise.

GoogleAds has 4 forms of ad:


Google Ads on the Search Network

These are the ads displayed in search results constant as keywords. They are presented as sponsored links and are highlighted at the top and bottom of the SERP.


This type of ad is particularly useful for reaching people who search by specific products, services or niches.

One of the biggest advantages of advertising on google ads is that the advertiser only pays when the person clicks on the link and is directed to the website, which is a great cost-benefit ratio for the advertising strategy. any company.

Google ads display

Google Ads on the Display Network

This type of campaign is displayed on websites, blogs and pages thus forming the so-called Google Display Network, an extremely effective network that has the ability to reach about and 90% of internet users worldwide


To be more precise, Google’s display ads are displayed on about two million websites and 650,000 applications .

Google ads on the display network also include special options for targeting, keywords, remarketing and demographic information.

There are several ways to use graphic advertising, including:

  • Banner ads: are image ads such as images, animations, elements interactive, among others;
  • Text: Although they are similar to banner ads, these ads are in “text box” format, including a title, company name, description, and URL;
  • Gmail: These are personalized ads in the Gmail and easily viewable in the tool’s inboxes.


Ads fromapplications

These are ads suitable for those who have applications want to scale them with the Google platform. With Google ads you can promote your application to iOS or Android users. After a few settings, your ad will be able to reach nearly a billion people on the Google Network

google ads adwords application ads

YouTube Ads

Youtube ads is an increasingly common phenomenon, probably if you are an active Youtube user you have already had any kind of contact with a Youtube ad , before, during or after the video. With so many benefits when advertising on Youtube, you can and should take advantage and create video campaigns for this platform.

As with other networks on YouTube, the targeting can be very specific as you can choose the target audience based on age, gender, location, interests and much more .

google adwords youtube ads


How does Google Advertising work Ads ?

So far everything seems easy, but Google AdvertisingAds is not that linear. Ads in Google Ads works like an auction where advertisers exchange money for clicks. The problem with some and the luck of others is that it is not always the one who pays the most who earns the most.

Your placement in Google Ads will depend on many factors, not just how much you pay for the ad. The biggest factor that has the most responsibility in ad ranking is the Ad Rank.

What is AD rank ?

To simplify, the Ad Rank is composed of: Maximum CPC X Quality Score

We can say that the quality of your ad will be the main variant that will decide the positioning of your ad, that is to say that despite your competitors paying more than you, if the quality of the ad is better your placement will be better!

How to calculate the index of quality ?

The quality score is an evaluation performed by Google, which, after submitting your ad to a range of factors, rates it from 1 to 10.

This score, combined with the amount you’re willing to pay for the ad, will determine your ad’s position for a certain keyword and targeting.

The constituents quality score are:

  • CTR;
  • Landing page
  • Relevance


How to create a Google Advertising account Ads ?

It’s time to jump from theory to practice and really explain to you how to create a Google account Ads and start succeeding today!

Create a Google account Ads it’s a very simple process

  • Click “Get Started”.
  • Next enter the email you want to link to your account AdWords
  • Then click on “continue” and Google will start a configuration, which provides you with all the data you need to create your account on AdWords
  • In the next steps, you just need fill in some data and get started using Google Ads.


How to advertise on Google Ads ?

If you are already sure that Google Ads may be a excellent customer acquisition channel for your business, it’s time to start advertising.

To advertise on Google it is essential to know what works and what doesn’t. Some strategies for successfully advertising on Google are:



Google Ads is a great platform to advertise your business . For a successful Digital Marketing strategy it is necessary to integrate a customer acquisition channel like Google Ads. Well-planned campaigns generate long-term results, essential for the future of any business.

Prepared to succeed with Google AdvertisingAds?

If you are looking for a digital marketing company specializing in Google Ads, we have what you need! Ask for your quote now and let us help you succeed with Google Ads!
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