Tips to increase followers on instagram

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increase followers on instagram

How to increase instagram followers

Today, every brand and company wants to be famous on Instagram. Maybe it’s because this platform has more than 600 million users and more than 95 million photos are shared daily. Also want to know how to gain followers on Instagram? We’ll explain it to you!

To teach you how to gain followers on Instagram We have prepared a list of 10 effective tips and strategies!

Use hashtags correctly

The use of hashtags is essential for a user who searches on the subject on the social network to find it. However, it is important that the hashtags you are going to use are directly related to the image you are going to put. Nobody wants to search for garlic and find onions!

Put quality photos

If you really want to gain followers on Instagram, your content must be of quality. When we talk about quality, we are referring to something that brings value and attracts the user. In this way, interesting and quality photos combined with an attractive description are a combination that does not fail when it comes to gaining likes and followers. It is also important to emphasize that it is not enough for just a few photos and descriptions to be of quality, consistency is the key.

Be active

To keep your audience interested in your page and its content, it is very important that you are active on the social network. If your goal is to increase interactions and gain followers, you can’t just post once a week and expect everything to fall from the sky. Share, post, comment, like, reply to comments, it will all be beneficial for your page!

Instagram ads

As well as on Facebook, on Instagram you can also use paid ads to promote your page. This type of advertising helps you to attract an audience that you were unaware of, sponsor campaigns, spread news, among others, but don’t forget, this type of advertising requires investment!

Vary the content

To keep and attract new audiences, it is necessary to be interesting and unpredictable. Bearing this in mind, varying your content is the best way to include yourself in these characteristics. If you only post images, post videos (videos have a success rate three times higher than photos), if you only post videos, post photos too, if you already do both, put insta stories. There’s always a way to innovate and stay relevant, just be creative!

Position yourself correctly

To execute a successful placement you must know your target audience very well. You must also take into account factors such as age, niche and the product offered, in order to exercise a correct positioning. You won’t be using formalities if your goal is to attract young audiences with an interest in video games, wouldn’t you agree?

Understand how the social network works

If you want to know how to increase your followers on Instagram, you must first understand how this social network works. Of course, with practice you will understand how the social network works, but even so, keep this information in mind:

  • Images with faces get 38% more likes than other types of photos

  • Posts that use hashtags and/or location have more interactions

  • 50% of texts use emojis

  • Average daily posts is 1.5

  • On average 70% of daily posts are lost

Make posts at the right time

Getting the timing right is essential to increase the chances of the user viewing your posts. To get the timing right, it is mandatory to know your audience and do some “tests”. If your audience is young, maybe the best time would be when classes ended, on the other hand, if your audience was a little older, maybe at lunchtime or after work. It’s a matter of trying out various schedules and evaluating interactions. You should also consider times of the year like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, as they are good times to buy, they are a great way to increase your sales and acquire followers

Customize your page

Instagram bio should never be left blank. It should rather be used to briefly describe what you can offer users in an appealing and curious way and to place links, such as the company’s website and other social networks where you are also present.

Learn from the competition

Looking at competition, especially abroad, is a great way to get ideas. If a competing idea is having a huge success, why not adapt that idea to your business and benefit from that success too? The same is applicable to ideas that fail. If a competitor implements an idea that turns out to be a total failure, it becomes good advice not to follow. So, when putting your ideas into practice, consider whether they have already been a success or a failure in the competition!

Now that you understand how to increase your followers on Instagram, it’s time to put these tips into practice and grow on this social network!