Everything you need to know about Google My Business

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Google My Business

What is Google my business?

Google my business is a precious tool that can help your business get more clicks and increase its visibility, making all your company’s information available to users.

Simply put, Google my business is a google tool that makes performing searches related to your business, your company and its information appear highlighted on the side of the page and on Google maps.

Google My Business also allows you to be present in both Google and Maps searches for free. This tool makes it possible to manage the direct relationship with customers by publishing promotions, news and events on Google+

Note: Google My Business is an independent tool from Google Ads Google Ads.

Situations in which your company will be featured


  • Search for a company on Google maps: when the company is registered in the google tool, Google my business, you can search directly for the company on Google maps, where, in addition to displaying company information, the suggested paths also appear.


  • Search for an establishment without location: Google locates where the user is at the time of the search and generates a list of results, that is, a registered business is more likely to appear if it is within the user’s location.
  • Search for an establishment with location: google generates the list for the user depending on the location entered by the user, this being the most common method in the results lists.


  • Specific company name search: In this situation the company is highlighted on the right side of the screen, accompanied by data for contact, reviews, photos and location. In addition, the route to the location and opening hours are also shown, which is why it is important to fill out google my business in the most detailed way possible.< /span>


Benefits of Google my business


  • Search Highlights, increasing digital presence and appeal to local customers
  • Higher visibility for non-client audience, especially if it appears first page from Google
  • Easy to change information relative to your business, such as time, physical space, among others
  • More interaction with customers, through comments and ratings by them, as well as images and videos by the company.
  • Appears in waze and on google maps, facilitating access physical to client
  • Search Tracking,  allowing you to access to all your company’s performance on the platform


How to register on Google my business


  2. 1- Enter Google tool page

  1. 2- Click start now

  2.   3- Enter your company name and click “next”

  1. 4- Fill in the requested data and click “next”

  1. 5- Choose the category and click “next”

  1. 6- Enter contact information and click “next”

  1. 7- Select whether or not to receive recommendations from Google and click “next”


What are you waiting for to register and make the most of the good results that this Google tool has to offer?