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There are thousands of articles online that seem to have the magic formula to make you a successful artist, some defend the consistency of posting on social networks, others defend that paid advertising is the most viable way, others even insist that just having sound quality is enough. and give “time to time”.


None of these strategies is really wrong, they all contribute to the artist’s success, but they are not enough. 


Being an independent artist in Portugal is no easy task, thousands launch themselves daily, hundreds have quality and dozens invest their money and effort in the hope of a career in the music world.

Today we don’t talk to them, we talk to you who are reading this article and want to have an advantage over your competition. Here we will teach you how to create a Concise Music Strategy, in the style of a marketer and make you understand why it is not enough to just put your songs online.

How to develop a Music Marketing strategy?

If you’ve made it past the intro, we know that you’re really interested in increasing your value as a musician and that you’re in dire need of a strategy.

These are the main factors to consider:



It is one of the most basic factors, and also the most important.

For a music marketing strategy to be functional, it is important that you know Who Will Listen to Your Music. 

If you already have works online, go through the statistics that the platforms provide , although not always assertive, help to have a detailed notion. In case you don’t have any work released, it is suggested to use as a base Audiences of Artists With a Similar Style to yours.

Analyze the market

Only analyzing the market can you understand your initial career projection (whether or not your genre is heard a lot), With whom Do you compete?, What are your strengths and weaknesses? and What makes you different from other artists?< span style="font-weight: 400;">.

The success of an artist by this review.

Set goals

In the complex world of music it’s easy to lose your way. Don’t let that happen. Start with Set Short, Medium and Long Term Goals for anything you spend energy or money on.

This is the only way your music marketing will be successful.

Note: Try to follow all the steps, one by one, and just set budgets, after knowing which of these 7 music marketing strategies are considered best suited to your work.


Best Music Marketing Strategies

Here we give you complete freedom to choose which strategies you think will best fit your music marketing.


Release frequency

Is success your goal? Consistency is Your Main Tool. In addition to numerous studies indicating that, regardless of the area, anyone who consistently dedicates himself within 5 years has some form of success, Consistency Makes May You Never Be Forgotten.

Over the years, we’ve seen many talented artists who, due to lack of consistency and high spacing between releases, have not achieved a successful career. Until you reach a status that allows you to have a loyal fanbase attentive to your work. Avoid Inconsistencies.


Uses Paid Advertising

If you are an independent artist, your first songs are unlikely to have a significant impact on the market. Organic advertising is good, but it cannot be the main option to start with. Think with us, if you have a Instagram Profile with 500 Followers and one TikTok Profile with 1000 followers, your first song is unlikely to have the numbers you want. Only with a big stroke of luck and as we already know, relying on luck is a rookie mistake.

To reach more audience the right option is to set a budget and Invest in Paid Advertising as Youtube Ads</strong >, advertising on large pages of the music genre or Instagram Ads.


Show Yourself Beyond Music

Let’s be straight, you can’t just “give a sign of life” when you release a video clip, those who really like your music will want to know more than what’s in sight. Admittedly, sometimes Don’t Show Too Much also makes you enigmatic, Makes the Audience Curious</ b> so you need to define a middle ground.

In our opinion, the best way to work with the audience in these scenarios is“Show Cover Without Showing Book”. Imagine you want to release a music video and make a story for Instagram, be assertive, show the scenery, some sound, flashy images, a snippet of the recording and that’s it.


Create a website

Want to show that you’re here to stay? Strengthen Your Personal Brand. We are not going to say that this is the ideal strategy for an independent artist who is starting their career, we have other music marketing strategies for them here. For you who have your name on an increasing scale of attention, Create a Website, at WordPress for example, where you put concert dates, talk a little about yourself, explain how you came up and how small artists can learn to do it is also one of the best Music Marketing strategies.


Use Email Marketing

“Email marketing? It’s 2022!”

Correct, what if we say the average open rate is 21.88%, can you believe it? Well, once again, despite everything that can be said, Email Marketing remains one of the best digital marketing and the most direct way to reach the customer. This music marketing strategy has a special value combined with the creation of the website mentioned in the previous stage

When you have a website the whole process of capturing emails becomes easier. Bearing in mind that most of the users who visit your website are interested in your music, they won’t consider it a problem to give your email in exchange for more value from you.

Now that you have a qualified email list where everyone is interested in your work, it’s time to Define a Marketing Strategy </ b>Andmail Marketing.



It’s no surprise that sitting on the couch all day waiting for opportunities to come along isn’t going to pay off for an independent artist. Maybe for artists who already have their name signed the process is simpler, but for those who aspire to be a successful artist Networking Is Not Negotiable!

Networking works both online and offline.

Online you can contact artists for collaborations, contact pages to promote your work, approach producers and sound engineers with ideas, contact those who the playlists to put your work, the list is vast, only you know what best fits your musical genre.

Offline, have an assiduous presence in the places where you want to play, be present at festivals/parties/concerts, give maximum energy to fans who approach you in person, speak in person with other artists, etc. The important thing is to be present, the opportunity may be closer than you think, you never know where you can find the solution to your problems.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a growing trend in the market for all brands and businesses that have proven their results. Surely you’ve seen works by artists being played in the background of a vlog, at the beginning of a Youtube video or even at the end. This is without a doubt one of the most important music marketing strategies of the last two, three years. An Influencer With An Audience Similar To Yours gives you the ability to show yourself with an “approval” score from the influencer himself. Considering that many, especially the younger ones, consider these as “Role Models”, your work can certainly increase audiences.



Now that you have an idea of ​​how you can get started and leverage your music marketing strategy It’s Time to Set Budgets . In the world of digital marketing there is no such thing as too much money or too little money. Set a realistic budget to invest in the digital marketing of your work, only then will you have full control over your plan.

Usually it is not advisable to do them all at once, it is necessary to Set Priorities analyzing your current situation first as you are an artist and not a marketeer.

If you are at the Beginning of your Career, create a plan where you can publish works with video clips frequently (within a period of between 2 and 5 months), increase your social media presence and networking as you learn about paid advertising on the various channels available.

If your Career is Launched, create a website , fortify your brand with launch merchandising (Works best on Album and Ep compared to singles), develop more interactivity with your audience and invest in paid advertising.


Want to speed up this whole process?

Alone everything is more difficult, As an Artist Your Focus is Music, spending hours to become a master in Music Marketing is not always advisable, it is time that you are not dedicating to Producing Your Best Musical Work.

If you want to take your career to the next level is willing to help, as experts in digital marketing we use the best market practices to ensure the success of your work.< /span>

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